Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Masatoshi Yoshihara and Mr. Takashi Kawaguchi (Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)

On October 30, Keidanren USA hosted a roundtable discussion with Mr. Masatoshi Yoshihara, Managing Executive Officer & Co-Head of Global Markets Division at Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Mr. Takashi Kawaguchi, Executive Officer & Head of Americas Treasury Department at Mizuho Bank Ltd.  Messrs. Yoshihara and Kawaguchi shared their views on how the U.S. and global financial markets (including foreign exchange, bonds, interest rates and equities) have reacted to U.S. policies.  There followed a lively Q&A exchange with attendees on such issues as the impact of the Trump administration’s trade policies on markets, bond market prospects, legislative expectations in a possibly divided Congress, and things to focus on in anticipation of the 2020 election.