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Webinar with Ambassador Kurt Tong of The Asia Group

On November 17, Keidanren USA hosted Ambassador Kurt Tong, Partner at The Asia Group. He discussed the trajectory of U.S. foreign economic policy in 2021 and detail the findings of The Asia Group’s 2020 Asia Power Trends report with Keidanren members. This report identifies the ten most significant trends shaping the future of trade, commerce, and geopolitics in Asia, which will have wide-ranging implications for the region’s business environment as the coronavirus pandemic continues into 2021.

Webinar on Pre-election Overview with K&L Gates LLP

On October 15, Keidanren USA hosted former Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) and former Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) from the K&L Gates LLP.
They discussed the current state of play for the November Presidential and Congressional elections. Also They discussed what issues are motivating the voters, and the policy positions of the Trump and Biden campaigns, followed by a lively Q&A session.

Webinar with Dr. Jonathan D.T. Ward of Atlas Organization

On September 10, Keidanren USA hosted a webinar with Dr. Jonathan D.T. Ward, founder of Atlas Organization, and an author of “China’s Vision of Victory”.

Dr. Ward spoke on “China’s Vision of Victory: The Next Decade in China’s Global Strategy and What It Means for Japanese Corporations”, followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar with Mr. Takeshige Sugimoto from S&K Brussels

On July 31, Keidanren USA hosted a webinar with Mr. Takeshige Sugimoto from S&K Brussels on California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
Mr. Sugimoto provided an update on recent developments in CCPA, followed by Q&A session.