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Briefing on 2022 Midterm Elections with K&L Gates LLP

On October 26, Keidanren USA hosted a briefing with former Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA) and former Congressman Bart Gordon (D-TN) from the K&L Gates LLP on the current state of play for the November midterm elections. They discussed the major issues the two parties are focused on in the home stretch, prospects for the post-election lame duck session, policy changes in the new Congress, and impact on the 2024 Presidential election.

Roundtable discussion with Barnes & Thornburg LLP

On September 1, Keidanren USA Hosted a roundtable discussion with experts from Barnes & Thornburg.

The speakers explained the policy trends on U.S. sanctions against Russia and China, both in Congress and the administration, on cooperation with other foreign governments, the potential reaction of, and the actual situation for, the U.S. economy and industries, and Reputation Risk countermeasures followed by Q&A session. You can also read about this event in Japanese here.

Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Christopher Johnstone (CSIS)

On July 7, Keidanren USA Hosted a roundtable discussion with Mr. Chris Johnstone, Senior Adviser and Japan Chair of CSIS.
Mr. Johnstone discussed his views on how to further deepen the U.S.-Japan relationship, expectations to the Japanese companies in the U.S. and his priorities as the Japan Chair, followed by Q&A session.

Also you can learn about this event in Japanese here.


Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Goldstein

On March 1, Keidanren USA hosted Mr. Paul Goldstein (President & CEO of PTB Global Advisors) for a roundtable event.
Mr. Goldstein has been a private intelligence professional for the past 45 years, with deep connections to the U.S. national security system and major corporations.
He gave a presentation titled “Japan: Difficulties, Responsibilities and Consequences: China and Russia Challenges”, followed by Q&A session.