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A Conversation with the Hon. Shuhei Kishimoto and Ms. Kaori Iida


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On August 30, Keidanren USA hosted the Honorable Shuhei Kishimoto, Member of the Japanese House of Representatives, and Ms. Kaori Iida, Senior Editor of NHK’s Economic News Division, for an informal conversation.  Member company representatives engaged in dialogue on such issues as the upcoming Democratic Party leadership election in Japan, the prospects for TPP, and how the issue of income inequality is viewed in Japan and the U.S.

Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Robert Azar on Bridging Japanese and American Business Cultures


On August 29, Keidanren USA hosted Mr. Robert Azar, President & CEO of Asia Strategic Advisors LLC, for a roundtable event titled “Improving Workplace Productivity & Relations by Bridging Japanese and American Business Cultures.”  Mr. Azar gave a presentation based on his new book, “Navigating Japan’s Business Culture – A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market.”  The Q&A session featured a lively exchange regarding such issues as the recent changes Japanese culture has been undergoing, differences with Chinese and Korean business culture, and the quest to find universal business values.

2016 Elections Preview Briefing with Former Congressman James Walsh and Former Congressman Bart Gordon


On August 2, Keidanren USA hosted former Congressman James Walsh (R-NY) and former Congressman Bart Gordon (D-TN) from K&L Gates for a briefing titled, “2016 U.S. Federal Elections – The State of Play Post-Conventions.”  They led a discussion on the current state and potentially far-reaching implications of the 2016 elections.  Congressmen Walsh and Gordon provided insights into what is motivating the voters, the views of the Presidential candidates, what is at stake, the outlook for the elections, and the impact of the elections on such hot button issues as trade, taxes, security and foreign policy.  Representatives from 16 companies took advantage of this great opportunity to hear from these political veterans with a combined 46 years of experience in Congress.  The spirited Q&A session with member companies featured such questions as the accuracy of polling, the inability of anyone to foresee the rise of Donald Trump, and the viability of third party candidates.

Keidanren Summer Happy Hour


On July 29, Keidanren USA hosted an informal summer happy hour gathering.  Guests included representatives from member companies in DC, Japanese Embassy personnel, members of Japanese media, and others.  We look forward to hosting more of these informal events, and encourage you all to stop by our offices as often as you can.