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Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Peter Harrell (CNAS)


On October 21, Keidanren USA hosted Mr. Peter Harrell, Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).  Mr. Harrell gave a presentation titled “Sanctions and the Next U.S. Presidential Administration,” outlining his views on the future of U.S. sanctions policy.  He described the current trends in sanctions policy, with overviews of the programs for Russia, Iran, North Korea and Cuba.  Attendees engaged on such issues as advocacy for easing of sanctions, state sanctions laws, and the potential for expanding sanctions to new countries.


Economic Briefing by Mr. Koji Maenaka of JETRO

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On September 30, Keidanren USA hosted a briefing on the U.S. economy by Mr. Koji Maenaka, Director of Research and Information Services at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) office in New York.  Mr. Maenaka gave an update on the U.S. economy on this his last visit to DC prior to returning to Japan.  The Q&A session featured such issues as the impact of innovation on the industrial structure, the prospects for wage growth, and opportunities for infrastructure investment.

Roundtable Discussion with Former Assistant USTR Bruce Hirsh

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On September 28, Keidanren USA hosted Mr. Bruce Hirsh, Principal with Tailwind Global Strategies LLC, who was previously Assistant USTR for Japan, Korea and APEC.  Mr. Hirsh gave a presentation on the past, present and future of U.S.-Japan trade relations, also touching on U.S. perceptions of Japanese companies’ contributions to the U.S. economy.  Attendees engaged with Mr. Hirsh on such issues as the prospects for TPP movement in the Congress, the Obama administration’s outreach to Capitol Hill, and the different viewpoints between the states and Congress on trade.

Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Robert Barnes


On September 28, Keidanren USA hosted Mr. Robert Barnes, Founder and Principal of Asia Pacific Consulting LLC.  Mr. Barnes discussed his book, “A Naked View of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – An Unbiased Informational Review in Plain English,” in which he provides a fact-based commentary on the TPP.  Member company representatives engaged in Q&A on such issues as prospects for TPP ratification in other member countries, TPP’s impact on business’ supply chain decisions, and its impact on foreign direct investment into the U.S.