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Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Sheila Smith (Council on Foreign Relations)

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On December 7, Keidanren USA hosted a roundtable discussion with Dr. Sheila Smith, Senior Fellow for Japan Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Dr. Smith shared her views on the post-election prospects for U.S.-Japan relations and U.S. Asia policy.  Attendees engaged on such issues as evaluating the Obama administration’s Asia pivot, what to expect from a potential renegotiation of NAFTA, and tax and trade policy in a Trump administration.


Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Bruce Stokes (Pew Research Center)

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On December 6, Keidanren USA hosted Mr. Bruce Stokes, Director of Global Economic Attitudes at the Pew Research Center.  Mr. Stokes gave presentations on the results of two recent Pew surveys.  One, “The U.S. Election 2016” gave detailed analysis of voter attitudes on Election Day and after.  The other was a survey of Japanese people about their attitudes toward Japan’s global engagement.  The Q&A session featured discussion of issues such as the impact of demographic changes on campaigns, the impact of Sanders supporters in the general election, and the effect of Prime Minister Abe’s forthcoming visit to Pearl Harbor.

A Conversation with Keidanren Director General Masakazu Kubota

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On November 28, Keidanren USA hosted a roundtable dialogue with Keidanren Director General Masakazu Kubota during his visit to Washington DC from Tokyo.  Representatives from Keidanren member companies in DC gathered to discuss how the U.S.-Japan economic relationship could be further enhanced, and what role Keidanren USA could potentially play in that effort.

Briefing on Business Opportunities in the Energy Industry

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On November 18, Keidanren USA hosted a briefing on business opportunities for Japanese companies in the U.S. energy industry.  The briefing was conducted by Mr. Yoichiro Yamaguchi, Ms. Valerie Green and Mr. William Booth from Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.  Ms. Green and Mr. Booth gave a presentation titled “Business Opportunities in the U.S. Energy Sector” and then an overview of “America’s Energy Policy” was given by Ms. Sarah Helton of Michael Best Strategies.  Attendees engaged the speakers on such issues as infrastructure investment opportunities and public-private partnerships.